Thanks, Michael!

Michael Lee Matern

Michael Matern, a distant cousin of the Hugh Matern family tree branch, has done a lot of genealogical research on the Matern Family. Here you can find his Matern Family Genealogy document.

Here is a quick lineage list, from that document, down to Hugh Matern:

  1. Paul Madern died 1674 in Eichenbühl,Bavaria,Germany
  2. He had a son MICHAEL MADERN born December 12, 1651 Eichenbühl,Bavaria,Germany
  3. He had a son NICOLAUS MADERN born December 05, 1685 in Eichenbühl,Bavaria,Germany
  4. He had a son DAVID MATERN born October 05, 1726 in Unterleinach,Bavaria
  5. He had a son JOHANN MATERN born November 15, 1777 in Unterleinach, Bavaria, Germany, and died December 15, 1826 in Unterleinach, Bavaria, Germany
  6. He had a son JOHANN ADAM MATERN, b. March 08, 1826, Unterleinach,Bavaria, Germany; d. July 09, 1910, Mt.Palatine, Illinois
  7. He had a son MICHAEL CASPAR MATERN, b. January 06, 1856, Lostant, Illinois; d. July 01, 1928, Wesley, Iowa.
  8. He had a son LOUIS "LOUIE" ANTON MATERN, b. April 23, 1881, Mt.Palatine, Illinois; d. July 10, 1951, Algona,Iowa
  9. He had a son HUGH THOMAS MATERN, b. March 04, 1926
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