Rest In Peace, Heidi Ellis!

Our Matern Family will miss you very much, Heidi, when we think about what a good, loving person you were. We'll hold you in our hearts forever!

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  • Grandkids!

    Family Fun

    One of the best qualities of our family is how much we laugh when we get together.

  • Let's do it on the kitchen floor

    Indian Wrestling

    Wonder if they were demonstrating their technique? Settling a point of contention? I never did hear who won!

  • Sisters and Brothers

    Auspicious Photo

    Here is Hugh, and his Mom and sisters and brothers - Pat, Gladys, his Mom, Arlene, and Mike. I wonder what was happening on this day? Was this before World War II, or after?


Meet the Family

Hugh and Lillian

Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma...

Our Family Tree

...every good tree bears good fruit...
Matthew 7:17-20

Hugh and Lillian's nine children (and the first grandchild!)

L->R: Pete, Heidi, Kate, Dave, Liz, Matt, Beck, Mark, Rose, Chris

Info and Other Stuff

Here is some info, and photos, and a few things we've created
and gathered about the Matern Family


The Family Cookbook created some years ago can be found here

Creations and Contributions

Tom's Greatest Hits

(Coming Soon!) Miscellaneous stuff that various Matern Family members have created or contributed over the years can be found here (eventually).

Squirrels vs Humans

Squirrels and the Matern Family have a "history"...

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Family Contact and Bio Info

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