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Family Member List

The Family Member List is where Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addressses, Birth/Death/Anniversary Events, and Opt In/Out preferences are maintained. This is a SharePoint Online List, and if you have a Microsoft Account associated with your email address (free, easy) you could be provided access to add/edit the Member List. If this interests you, contact Dave. If you would like to Opt In/Out of belonging on this list, or have edits/adds/updates you see necessary, contact Dave.

The Family Member List can be put in a pdf or Excel format doc and sent to you. This doc was last updated April 4, 2020. If you want a copy, contact Dave.

The Member Information in the Family Member List is used by the Family Event Notifier. The Family Event Notifier is a little job that runs at 4:30am. It looks that the Members of the Family Member List, checking any events (Birth, Death, Anniversary) occurring on that day. This job will then email the details of any found Events to the Email Addresses associated with Members who have Opted In (or generally more accurately, not Opted Out) to receive them. If you would like to Opt In/Out of receiving these emails, contact Dave.

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